As a speaker on my passions for nonprofit work, handbells, and mental health, my unique approach is to engage diverse audiences with stories and humor while informing them on the topic at hand. When speaking on nonprofits, I combine the soul, passion, and idealism of serving with the realism and strategy of the for-profit sector. I walk new leaders through the steps of establishing a nonprofit organization by marrying the ideas of big, giving hearts with successful business practices.

Speaking about my passion for handbells is when my soul sings the most and my heart is fullest. I love to share the story of how handbells changed the trajectory of my life, the lessons playing has given me that I’ve applied to other areas of my life, and the encouragement and inspiration that we can all have that thing that lights us up inside, even when we have to work for it.

Finally, speaking on mental health is a cause close to my heart. Having lived with depression and anxiety for most of my life and having had the privilege of working with several mental health nonprofits, I understand the importance of sharing our stories, educating others, and eliminating the stigma surrounding mental illness. To that end, I speak to groups about various mental health topics as well as provide training as a Mental Health First Aid Trainer.

Whether guest lecturing, instructing on important topics, or sharing my story, my authenticity allows me to be relevant to audiences of varying sizes and needs. I grab audiences with my use of humor and light-hearted stories no matter the topic. Recently, I appeared on Dirt Road Divinity: Scenic Route of the Soul to share how I got to where I am today.

I’m available to speak to your group on the following topics:


Through my years working for multiple small and medium-sized nonprofits, I’ve seen that desire and mission alone cannot empower a nonprofit to thrive. Despite the caring and passionate nature of the people who yearn to make a difference in nonprofits, the sector frequently needs more strategic direction, more structure, and more experience. Nonprofits enjoy more success and greater achievement of their missions when they adopt practices from the for-profit world. As a result, Head and Heart: How to Run a Smart and Compassionate Nonprofit was born. My unique approach for nonprofits is to combine the soul, passion, and idealism of serving, with the realism and strategy of the for-profit sector.

As a nonprofit author and speaker, I walk new leaders through these challenges, helping to navigate the maze of starting and running a nonprofit organization that marries the ideas of big, giving hearts with successful business practices. I would love to come speak to your organization and share what I’ve learned. Let me know what your organization needs or check out some suggested topics below.


Engage your heart-centered mission, empowered with strategic thinking, to help your organization thrive. This talk is geared toward nonprofit employees and leaders to help your organization avoid the common pitfalls and learn how to become more efficient, improve communication, and create greater and more consistent revenue.

During this talk, participants will gain a greater understanding of and key takeaways to help you and your organization improve:

  • Operational Efficiency: Learn how to develop systems and processes to help your nonprofit grow with greater ease, even with limited resources.
  • Communication: Learn how to make the best impression with external parties and donors so that your mission is conveyed professionally and your nonprofit is properly positioned to attract and retain funding and support.
  • Making money like a for-profit business: Donors and public funding are key components for most nonprofits, however, they are not the only sources of funding. Learn not only how to diversify and strengthen your revenue streams for greater financial stability, but also how to improve communications to strengthen donor-relations.
Building Support & Avoiding Burnout
In this talk, directed toward aspiring and current nonprofit professionals and leaders, learn important strategies to help you maintain a lasting career in the nonprofit sector that is both personally and professionally rewarding.

During this talk, participants will learn healthy foundational strategies to ensure longevity in your career, including:

  • Boundaries: Drop the perfectionism and learn how to embrace a work-life flow to empower longevity in your career. Learn how to create leave-time policies and work hour boundaries that empower both you and your colleagues to maintain balance.
  • Develop Appreciation + a Nurturing Culture: As a nonprofit, your organization puts its mission and clients first, and it’s equally important to show appreciation and enhance happiness inside the organization. Learn how to curate community and culture on limited resources.
  • Personal Community: Understand the importance of developing friendships, personal, and professional support communities outside of your nonprofit work community.

Additional Nonprofit Topics:

Fundamentals for Growth
Mission, Vision, Goals, and Strategy
Basic Fundraising & Grant Writing
Nonprofit Leadership: Boards and Staff
Most Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
Other potential topics on request


Playing My Heart Out: One Ringer’s Passion for Handbells is the story of how I fell in love with handbells and how that changed the trajectory of my life. It was an unlikely journey that conveys not only the life lessons I’ve taken from handbells but also the emotionality and universality of music. Although handbell ringers will certainly identify with the books’ stories and light-hearted adventures, this is not just a book for handbell aficionados. It is for anyone who has ever yearned to engage in something but has been put off by fear, lack of time or disconnection from the soul-singing feeling pursuing a passion brings. Come with me as I envision the full and joyful heart we experience when we’re engaged in our passions, whatever they may be. I hope that this book will inspire you to find the thing you love, make time for it in your life, and watch your joy multiply.

I would love nothing more than to come share my story with your handbell choir, musical group, or book club. I can barely contain my enthusiasm when I am ringing, speaking about, and sharing about handbells, and I’d be thrilled to speak about the book with you. In addition, I’m available to speak on the topics below.

Speaking topics for Handbells


Come be inspired by the unlikely way that finding a passion changed the trajectory of my life and how the power of music and handbells taught me to seek out what makes my soul sing. Learn how your life can be more joyous and fulfilling when you eliminate the obstacles between you and your passion.

Learn the dos and don’ts of conducting a group while gaining a better understanding of the importance of the connection between the conductor and the ensemble.
Learn the difference between a good ensemble and a great ensemble, and knock the audience’s socks off. The key is in the details.
Ringers starting to lose their enthusiasm? Hear inspirational stories about the power of music and learn ideas and strategies for keeping your ringers motivated during your ringing season.
Just getting started as a community group? Learn the fundamentals of getting your organization off the ground as a nonprofit, including basic nonprofit regulations, organizational structure, and beginning fundraising strategies.

Mental Health


Not only have I personally struggled with anxiety and depression throughout my life, but I have also had the privilege to work with several mental health nonprofits professionally.

Because of the impact that mental health organizations have had on providing education and reducing stigma, they inspired me to become a certified Mental Health First Aid Trainer as a way to give back to the community. In this role, I’m available to provide full-day trainings as a part of a nationally accredited course that allows others to learn about mental health conditions and how to help those who might be experiencing emotional or substance use crisis while becoming certified in Mental Health First Aid themselves.

Please connect with me here to discuss hosting a Mental Health First Aid Training for your organization or community.

I am also available to speak with your group about my personal experiences as a mother and professional, on the following mental health topics:

  • Struggles with Anxiety and Depression: Seeking Help and Self-Care Strategies
  • Parenting with Mental Health Struggles: Strategies to Care for Both You and Them
  • Understanding the Stigma around Mental Illness and How You Can be Part of the Solution
  • Strategies for supporting Your Own Mental Health

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.”

– Glenn Close